So, I published a book

Well it’s been a year or so since my last blog. Turned out the editor liked it, I wrote three more drafts, and now it’s available on Amazon, iBooks (not live yet), Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Booktopia among others. I held a launch last week. But I don’t actually own a paperback myself. Yet. It’s on order. I have no idea how many pages it is, printed. I do know it’s just shy of 90,000 words. Like a proper book.

Turns out when you use the awesome Tablo platform you don’t get proof copies but you do get amazing service from Ash, the originator of the site, with rapid responses to my many questions and concerns. No mean feat when he’s several time zones away on the other side of the world.

The title changed. It is now called To See The Light Return (a Brexitopian novel) which is a bit wordy, but gives a much better indication of the content. Maybe. What does that title say to you?


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